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Thrift Store Haul 4/21/12


Pretty sweet finds this week. I have not played the Addams Family game before, but the board looks awesome.


According to the back of the box the object is “to bring four guests and  food to the party.  Along the way, you’ll run into some of the funniest and strangest situations ever!”  That sounds a bit silly, but I am sure a good time will be had, especially if booze is involved.  The Thing as the game’s spinner is a particularly nice touch.

I did not own Knockout as a child either, but distinctly remember the ads for it.  They made it seem beyond cool and with all of those hyper neon colors, what kid would not have sold their parents into slavery to own it?  I have no idea if the rammer hammer still works, but everything is in good condition so I have high hopes.  Of course, now that I know it is called the rammer hammer I am going to refer to this game, from now on, as a sexual version of Jenga.


Plasma globe renders all ’80s arguments invalid anyway.




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