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King’s Quest

I may or may not have purchased the King’s Quest Collection one inebriated night over the holidays.  Perhaps browsing Steam’s holiday sale while tipsy was not wise for my wallet, but after having played a few hours it was definitely good for my mental well-being.

A quick word of caution to any Nostalgeria readers looking to follow my same path—it took a while to find the right dosbox required to make the games playable.  The edition sold on Steam is not entirely compatible with Windows. The link to make it work is below, but go to it sober.  Remember: friends don’t let friends buy outdated software and/or drunk-dial their childhood (at the same time).

As a child of the 1980s I look back on the King’s Quest games with a fond remembrance.  Many hours of my youth were spent huddled in front of our Commodore Amiga directing Graham across the various screens until I invariable drowned him in a lake.  In fact, now that I think about it I spent most of my time getting him killed instead of actually accomplishing anything.  Hello, God complex.

I am sure my dad was thrilled that his Amiga, which was originally purchased for him to work from home with, had been taken over. I practically turned into Smeagol each time he came near my precious.

The game I am probably most familiar with (and fond of) in the series is King’s Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella. I started to play this game when I was older and better able to grasp the tasks required to ultimately save King Graham from his heart attack.

Looking back on the premise with unsuspended disbelief, I must admit traveling to the mystical land of Tamir and finding a magical fruit seems like a long shot to cure a heart attack.  Sounds like Graham should have had a few less Mutton Lettuce & Tomato sandwiches or at least kept Miracle Max on retainer.

King’s Quest has developed its own mythos over the years and I hope to one-day see a new edition to the series.  If that day never comes hopefullyI will be rich enough to finally pass off my nostalgic obsessions as eccentricities and commission Sierra to create one.  Maybe then my future children will have their own chance at drowning Graham in the lake, too.  That very thought fills my 8-bit heart containers with joy.

This is all assuming I could actually drunk dial my past. Younger self: invest heavily in a thing called Google. And while I have you on the phone, forget about taking marching band in high school, unless you want to be a social leper. Buck up and take the physical education instead—you’ll have more time to play video games when you are not at marching practice.


A great webcomic about King’s Quest:

The Patches Needed to run the Collection:

Keeping the Quest Dream alive:


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Never Go Home

The idea for The Nostalgeria came to me mid March while playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the SNES.  From the moment I moved the purple console switch on to the final moments of Gannon’s defeat I was reminded of the endless hours I spent in the basement of my childhood home, surrounded by a treasure trove of Nintendo products, action figures, and board games.  

Where is Mom to take this picture for me?

Where is Mom to take this picture for me?

Those items have all since been replaced by a mixture of pleasant memories and mournful nostalgia, until recently, hell bent on getting at least a piece of them back, I have begun to search.  So here I am at the beginning.  My two selves, adult and child, together on a quest to remember and learn from each other, to reconcile the who I was with the who I am by collecting and writing about the objects, places, and experiences of my past.  A blog about both the exultant and heavyhearted nature of nostalgia, knowing that you can never go home, but seeing no reason why you can’t have as much fun as possible while trying.

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