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When my wife recently left for a trip to visit her folks I did what any self-respecting adult would do and queued our mutual Netflix list with all the movies and shows only I would want to watch.  Little did I know that one of the shows I haphazardly added would send me on a compulsive two-week nerdathon.  When I received the first volume of the Thundercats I watched the whole disc in one sitting, then the second, and then the third, hardly bothering to shower or feed myself during the self-induced hermitage.  I was quickly captivated again by a show I loved so much as a kid. I let the geek fest begin, but did not go as far as this:

Thundercat Dress Up


 or this:



or even this:



 But I would not put past myself to buy this collection on a drunken night of Ebay shopping (much to the chagrin of my wife):

The True Fan Owns This

The True Fan Shrine

I never had the Cat’s Lair or the Thundertank, but I did have my fair share of Thundercat toys and seeing this picture is an instant reminder of the numerous hours I spent bashing them together…fighting or making out, I can’t quite remember which anymore.  

While rewatching all the episodes from an adult perspective I cannot quiet recall another program that combined all the elements of action, mesmerizing animation, and moral guidelines that the Thundercats brought to millions of televisions sets.  No offence to the hard work of mom and dad, but the Thundercats had a hand in shaping my moral development that they or other kid’s programming did not.  As Lion-O learned valuable life lessons from the ghost of Jaga,  so did I. I knew that patience, fortitude, and strength were all things to strive for, even if I didn’t quite know what they were while I was swinging around my plastic Swords of Omens.  I know I will continue through my life balancing what I find  just and fair until my own kids can learn these important lessons as they run around the house, yelling at the top of their lungs, “Thundercats, HO!” (Or find me completely unhip and crazy whenI dress as Lion-o for Halloween and they refuse to go trick or treating with me. And speaking of which, has the Philosophy of Thundercats been written yet? ).

I’m sure a whole chapter of my new Thundercats book could be dedicated to the interesting tidbit I picked up on my wife showed me while putting off writing researching this blog entry: The voice of Lion-O, Larry Kenney, is also the father of Kerri Kenney from MTV’s The State and Reno 911! fame.


Larry Kenney


Kerry Kenny-Silver

Dude, if my Dad were the voice of Lion-O you had better believe I would have an awesome personalized voice mail message, “You have reached Logan, the Lord of the Thundercats, and I am away from my phone right now fighting mutants or cruising for chicks in the thundertank, please leave a message after the beep.”  This would also be followed with using the Sword of Omens to screen my calls because the Lord of the Thundercats can’t be bothered with telemarketers or prank calls from Mumm-Ra.


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