The Nostalgeria is a blog written by a boy, who when he became a man, put away childish things only to pick them up all over again.  Read, laugh, and marvel at my many struggles with the shrewd vixen nostalgia  and my attempts to collect, encounter, and remember the fading items of my childhood.  By looking to the past I hope to find an explanation for my present , hoping each time that my next leap will be the leap home.  Plus, I just want an excuse to watch cartoons and play with toys again.

The Amateur Gentleman

The Amateur Gentleman

The Author/Boy, L.H. Forsberg, currently resides on the West Coast with his understanding wife (and gracious editor) surrounded by the forever sagging shelves of too many board games, records, and books.


2 responses to “About

  1. Many thanks for choosing to follow my webcomic and blog!

    I too have chosen keep a tight hold of my childhood and have the Armageddon of all tantrums if someone tries to pry it off me.

    Cool place you’ve got here! I’ll be back 😉

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