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Bowlo: The Card Bowling Game

I got this neat bowling card game in the mail the other day as a gift and I can’t wait to play it. I have some pretty awesome friends and it shows how much of a nerd I am when they see an old game and I am their first thought.

Board games that are card based are some of my favorite because they are smaller and easier to set up/take down. The cards make it convenient to bring along on a trip and almost anyone can play.

Here’s to cheap beer at home and finally bowling that 300 game.


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Thrift Store Haul 5/19/12: Conspiracy & True Grit

Another weekend where I’ve found a book and board game combo.  Lately I have been coming home empty handed so it is nice to get two good ones.

When they make a book into a movie I typically read the book first, but I did not manage to get to the Charles Portis, True Grit, before seeing the Coen Brother’s remake.  Finding it for cheap is a great excuse to read it so I can compare how well the adaptation was done and since I have not read that much Western fiction I am looking forward to it.

I did not play Conspiracy as I was growing up, but it looks like something I would have enjoyed.  The graphics on the box make it seem full of cool spy things and reminds me of  Cloak & Dagger, which was one of my favorite movies as a kid. The object is to get the briefcase back to your own headquarters by bribing various spies.   This is a bit too old for my nephew to play so I will have to save it for a night when I can bribe my wife with plenty of rum to give it a try.

It would have been too good if I had found this game when I found the le Carré book last week.  Spies for the win.

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Thrift Store Haul 5/12/12: On Guard & A Perfect Spy


I am a little behind posting my thrift store finds as these were from last Saturday. On Guard is a tilting based game that you push the corner buttons down to get the ball moving and in the goal. It’s in great shape and I hope to thoroughly kid test it when my nephew is in town.

I am also stoked to find a le Carré novel for cheap, especially a first edition that has hardly been cracked. I am slowly making my way through all of them and am up to A Small Town in Germany. Thankfully the library has been able to supplement the books I don’t have so I can keep reading. Go hug a librarian if you haven’t already today and then become a Friend of the Library because they need the money.


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Thrift Store Haul 5/8/12: Postcards


I found some awesome postcard books from the thrift store today! I must have stared at the Magic Eye variety for twenty minutes trying to remember how to see them (it wasn’t a sailboat). I can’t imagine what the employees thought of my efforts as I squinted and held the cards at various distances from my face.

Either way someone I know is going to get 12 random Manatee postcards during the year. Anyone know any good/bad Manatee jokes to use?


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