Bowlo: The Card Bowling Game

I got this neat bowling card game in the mail the other day as a gift and I can’t wait to play it. I have some pretty awesome friends and it shows how much of a nerd I am when they see an old game and I am their first thought.

Board games that are card based are some of my favorite because they are smaller and easier to set up/take down. The cards make it convenient to bring along on a trip and almost anyone can play.

Here’s to cheap beer at home and finally bowling that 300 game.


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Thrift Store Haul 5/19/12: Conspiracy & True Grit

Another weekend where I’ve found a book and board game combo.  Lately I have been coming home empty handed so it is nice to get two good ones.

When they make a book into a movie I typically read the book first, but I did not manage to get to the Charles Portis, True Grit, before seeing the Coen Brother’s remake.  Finding it for cheap is a great excuse to read it so I can compare how well the adaptation was done and since I have not read that much Western fiction I am looking forward to it.

I did not play Conspiracy as I was growing up, but it looks like something I would have enjoyed.  The graphics on the box make it seem full of cool spy things and reminds me of  Cloak & Dagger, which was one of my favorite movies as a kid. The object is to get the briefcase back to your own headquarters by bribing various spies.   This is a bit too old for my nephew to play so I will have to save it for a night when I can bribe my wife with plenty of rum to give it a try.

It would have been too good if I had found this game when I found the le Carré book last week.  Spies for the win.

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Thrift Store Haul 5/12/12: On Guard & A Perfect Spy


I am a little behind posting my thrift store finds as these were from last Saturday. On Guard is a tilting based game that you push the corner buttons down to get the ball moving and in the goal. It’s in great shape and I hope to thoroughly kid test it when my nephew is in town.

I am also stoked to find a le Carré novel for cheap, especially a first edition that has hardly been cracked. I am slowly making my way through all of them and am up to A Small Town in Germany. Thankfully the library has been able to supplement the books I don’t have so I can keep reading. Go hug a librarian if you haven’t already today and then become a Friend of the Library because they need the money.


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Thrift Store Haul 5/8/12: Postcards


I found some awesome postcard books from the thrift store today! I must have stared at the Magic Eye variety for twenty minutes trying to remember how to see them (it wasn’t a sailboat). I can’t imagine what the employees thought of my efforts as I squinted and held the cards at various distances from my face.

Either way someone I know is going to get 12 random Manatee postcards during the year. Anyone know any good/bad Manatee jokes to use?


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Thrift Store Haul 4/21/12


Pretty sweet finds this week. I have not played the Addams Family game before, but the board looks awesome.


According to the back of the box the object is “to bring four guests and  food to the party.  Along the way, you’ll run into some of the funniest and strangest situations ever!”  That sounds a bit silly, but I am sure a good time will be had, especially if booze is involved.  The Thing as the game’s spinner is a particularly nice touch.

I did not own Knockout as a child either, but distinctly remember the ads for it.  They made it seem beyond cool and with all of those hyper neon colors, what kid would not have sold their parents into slavery to own it?  I have no idea if the rammer hammer still works, but everything is in good condition so I have high hopes.  Of course, now that I know it is called the rammer hammer I am going to refer to this game, from now on, as a sexual version of Jenga.


Plasma globe renders all ’80s arguments invalid anyway.



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Mini Song Book

(via Tumblr: wehungerseverelycalmpolianarchy)

I totally remember these.  I want to say the one I had when I was a kid was blue.  The mini song book and plastic holding the piano was long gone on mine.

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Groundhog Day

“Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today. ” -Phil

In honor of today’s announcement from that rat in Punxsutawney for six more weeks of nonwinter, what better nostalgic item to consider than the Harold Ramis classic, Groundhog Day?

When Groundhog Day came out on video it was instantly added to the roster of movies I watched over and over again to my parent’s great frustration.  It is rather Meta now that I think about it, watching a movie repeatedly about a day that happens again and again.  See, mom and dad.  Your son grew up to be quite the thinker.

Unlike a lot of movies I thought were masterpieces, re: Masters of the Universe, looking back almost 20 years later I would say it holds up well to the lens of time.  It’s quirky and goodhearted with such delicate layers of character development that it doesn’t ring overly sentimental or false.  Plus, what’s not to like about Bill Murray doing what he does best?  Even though his scenes with the homeless old man KILLS me every time, thanks Bill.

The adult me often ponders the quote that starts my post and the greater conundrum of what would I do if every day were exactly the same.  I want to say I think about all the new things I could learn or skills I could develop, but I know I would pretty much stuff my face with fattening desserts and copious amounts of other not-so-healthy foodstuffs.  I suppose that is not so different from what I would have done as a kid were each day the same, but hey, with no tomorrow it’s never too early for flapjacks.


The Mad Challenge Movie a Day Post about Groundhog Day


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